Amboy Recipes from the Filipino-American Dream

By Alvin Cailan

Filipino recipes from the creator of the legendary Eggslut in LA, host of the hit online series The Burger Show, and the most prominent Filipino chef in the US.


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Amboy is Alvin’s origin story. The son of immigrant parents, with one food resting on either side of the cultural schism, Alvin felt like he was neither American enough nor Filipino enough to be either one of the other. Thus, amboy, or Filipino-American. Alvin had to overcome cultural stigmas and his own family’s expectations to break out of his East LA upbringing and find his own path to success. Through a tremendous amount of hard work and a whole lot of hustle, Alvin was able to find his true calling, and to discover for himself where his passions would bring him and what his own hard work could create.

Amboy is the story of his climb to self-discovery and success, told through the greatest cultural unifier: good food. Alvin discusses in interviews with Alexandra Cuerdo what it was like being amboy, how he found his own way in the world, and who his greatest culinary influences were. He shares tips on how to make the perfect pot of rice, how to build an at-home fire pit, and how to nail together a coconut scraper. Recipes cover the ultimate soul food, lugwa, the ultimate food flex, lechon; an dthe ultimate pan de sal sandwich. Alvin’s recipes range from childhood Filipino comforts to French culinary school staples, and every cultural amalgamation in between (Ratatouille Adobo, anyone?). Amboy comes from a unique blending of cultures. Add to that Alvin’s culinary education and extensive experience, and his recipes are a food experience unlike an other.

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