All-Star Readers Discovery I Am a… 6 Book in 1 Levels 1 & 2 - Includes: 6 Books, 30 Stickers and a Poster

By Lori C. Froeb


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Young readers will get up close and personal with six different wild animals in this fascinating collection of leveled readers. Designed to encourage reading comprehension and growth, this book includes three Level 1 readers and three Level 2 readers. Where do gorillas live? Why do tigers have stripes? How many teeth are in a shark’s mouth? Written from each animal’s point of view, this collection will answer these questions and more while helping early and developing readers build literacy skills and a love of reading.

Level 1 Books include:

  • I Am a Tiger
  • I Am a Penguin
  • I Am a Dolphin

Level 2 Books include:

  • I Am a Shark
  • I Am a Gorilla
  • I Am a Polar Bear

Also includes 30 Stickers and a poster!

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