Adventure Kingdom

By Steve Foxe

Travel through the wishing well with Clark and Karoline—two kids who discover their beloved Adventure Kingdom is more than just your average theme park. From Epic Originals, this fantastical story collection serves up twists, turns, and never-before-seen Adventure Kingdom artwork, activities, and park memorabilia!


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When Clark sneaks into Adventure Kingdom, all he wants is a peek at the remains of the once-magical theme park he loved as a kid—plus a cool livestream for his fans. But then he meets Karoline, the granddaughter of the park’s creator, and the two of them discover that the magic of that place was never just an illusion. With the help of an enchanted coin and a talking monkey with questionable loyalties, they set off to find what they’ve both lost and rescue Karoline’s mysterious granddad.

Through the characters’ adventures, readers learn the importance of:
Problem solving
Trusting others
Second chances

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