A Priceless Wedding Crafting a Meaningful, Memorable, and Affordable Celebration

By Sara Cotner


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How you and your partner plan your wedding can set a precedent for how you will be as a family. How do you work together to merge two different sets of ideas into something bigger and better? How do you disagree in constructive rather than destructive ways? How do you honor the input and experience of family members while simultaneously maintaining ownership of your lives and choices?

Popular wedding blogger Sara Cotner shares how you can resist the pressure to create the wedding of someone else’s dreams and instead reclaim that real purposes of a wedding: community, connection, commitment, and fun.

A Priceless Wedding covers all the basics, securing a location, finding a dress, deciding on flowers, selecting a wedding party, planning the ceremony, choosing rings, and everything in between. It also goes beyond the elements of a “traditional” wedding to help you plan an eco-friendly, handcrafted, budget-minded celebration that will be both memorable and meaningful. Featuring do-it-yourself projects that help you create your own unique wedding favors, sew a homemade wedding quilt, and more, this book will inspire you to begin your own traditions and rituals that will clarify your values and let you live them out loud.

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