Make Your Own Rainbow Slimygloop Add Colored Paint!


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Make Your Own Rainbow SLIMYGLOOP® and prepare for a super colorful sensory experience! This new & improved DIY slime kit includes a SLIMYGLOOP® activator, making it easier than ever to create an awesome, ooey-gooey compound. Follow the easy-to-understand instructions and combine simple ingredients to concoct your very own SLIMYGLOOP®, just add glue, activator and water! Use disposable cups to experiment with your materials as you explore different textures and create individual slimes, from super-sticky to super-sludgey, then transform your SLIMYGLOOP® into a rainbow! Add red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple to your creations and squish, stretch and twist them all together! Creating SLIMYGLOOP® is a fun, hands-on way to introduce little ones to chemistry, practice simple math, and strengthen fine motor skills this DIY slime kit is perfect for slime lovers ages 6 and up.

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