The Body – A Complete User’s Guide How Your Body Functions and How to Keep It Healthy and Strong

By National Geographic

The Body: A Complete User’s Guide has all the answers to all of your questions about the human body. Beautifully illustrated and fully updated with the latest scientific information, this guide is packed with amazing facts, helpful advice, and colorful photos and illustrations.


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Your body is an incredible machine that can run for more than 80 years without batteries, can self-propel over land and water, can heal itself from most common ailments, and can pair with another of its kind to reproduce. This updated, fully illustrated, easy-to-understand guide from National Geographic explores the intricate systems that make up the marvelous human body–from head to toe, inside and out.

Beautifully designed and brimming with fascinating photos and illustrations, The Body: A Complete User’s Guide is filled with need-to-know basics about how the body is built and how it functions. Tour the human brain–the body’s communication center–to find out where your feelings, impulses, and power of speech live. Discover how your body attacks disease, how the food you eat powers your body, and how your body moves and grows.

Remarkable images show a white blood cell at the moment it embraces a life-saving vaccine and what happens inside the body during reproduction, from conception to birth. Vivid scientific diagrams provide a complete view of body systems and reveal how they work together.

Useful tips teach you how to keep your body healthy and strong, and “Did You Know?” facts explain how Botox works, what causes hiccups, how some herbal remedies can help, and more. Plus you’ll learn about medical breakthroughs that changed the world.

Comprehensive, reliable, and a pure pleasure to read, this is an essential resource for families, students, seniors, and all who care about the body and how to keep it running smoothly.

With a foreword by acclaimed neurologist Richard Restak and the insight of numerous medical experts, this definitive guide is an indispensable resource that you will return to for years to come.

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