Anywhere Farm

By Phyllis Root

A farm doesn’t have to mean a big field far away in the country. Why, you can plant a farm anywhere you like! In a can or a cup, a bucket or a shoe, on a window or a balcony, or even in an old empty lot–you can turn almost anything anywhere into a home for green growing things. After all, to plant an anywhere farm, all it takes is one farmer-you-and one tiny seed.


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You might think a farm means fields, tractors, and a barnyard full of animals. But you can plant a farm anywhere you like! A box or a bucket, a boot or a pan — almost anything can be turned into a home for green, growing things. Windows, balconies, and front steps all make wonderful spots to start. Who knows what plants you may choose to grow and who will come to see your new garden? Phyllis Root delivers a modern rhyming mantra for anyone hoping to put their green thumbs to good use, while G. Brian Karas’s cheerful urban illustrations sprout from every page. After all, anywhere can be a farm — all it takes is one small seed and someone to plant it.

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