A Country Wedding Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie

By Leigh Duncan

When a country music star returns to his small town, he realizes all that he’s left behind…


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Country music star Bradley Suttons is all set to marry his Hollywood actress girlfriend. There’s just one thing: he’s forgotten he’s already married. When he was thirteen years old, he and his childhood best friend, Sarah Standor, held a makeshift wedding ceremony in his barn. Their promise? To always be there for one another. Their vows? Not exactly legally binding. When Bradley visits the small town where he grew up, he finds Sarah running a ranch for rescue horses…and he finally finds his inspiration again, writing new music from the heart. Even as Sarah helps him prepare for his upcoming country wedding, they both begin to wonder if their past holds the key to their future. This uplifting, clean romance includes a free original Hallmark recipe for “Bradley Sutton” Cowboy Steak Sandwiches.

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